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There is nothing more satisfying than picking and eating fresh food from the garden.

You don't have to own hectares of land and have a full time gardener to enjoy your very own home grown food!

At 'fresh - food for future' we want to show you how simple it can be to grow your own produce within incredibly small urban gardens.  Its not about having lots of space, or lots of time - its just about using the space you've got to its fullest and planting the right things for your lifestyle.

And then you just let your plants, and the insects, do their own thing - spread, self seed, pollinate, and you could have years of wonderful, delicious and nutritious food ahead of you.

Its about getting back on track - growing food you trust, eating what is seasonal  and enjoying the robust flavours of garden ripened produce.

Learn within a fully functioning urban edible garden.

The 'fresh' garden is a family home that provides shelter and security for adults, children, pets, family and friends.  It is the home of busy working people, which makes it the perfect place to learn how to make the most of your own environment.

Classes will cover:

  • Keeping chickens and bees
  • Espaliering fruit trees

  • Natural, edible privacy screens

  • Herb growing

  • Composting

  • Insects in your garden

  • Expanding your garden upwards

  • Glasshouse growing

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